Hi, I’m Vicki. I like hugging puppies, baking cookies, making lame jokes and watching trashy reality shows.

And my partner is a gamer.

I first started blogging for my own personal amusement and because I needed something to busy myself with while my partner was gaming. I wanted to document some of the positive things I had experienced as a non-gamer dating a gamer in an attempt to counter some of the negative views online about gamers and relationships. There are entire forums where partners of gamers rant to one another and Yahoo Answers is littered with cries of “HELP my BF is addicted to gaming, what do I do??!!” and “My boyfriend won’t stop playing his stupid Call of Duty game!”. I wanted to change this.


If you’re pulling your hair out over your partner’s gaming habits, trust me – I know what you’re going through. Let me give you some insights into the mind of your partner and their love of gaming, and show you how you can make it work in your relationship. I will share my experiences, tip and mind games with you, if you’ll only care to listen. Your partner’s love of games does not have to mean “Game Over” for your relationship.


Gather round. A little closer now. You may not realise this yet, but I hold the power to make your Significant Other much more understanding of your significant other hobby. And you might learn a thing or two along the way as well. Share this blog with your partner – you can thank me later.

Many of you have already been kind enough to share your own relationship stories with me, whether as the gamer or the non-gamer in your own relationships. It warms my heart to know that you guys connect so much with what I’m writing, so please do continue sharing. You can reach me at hello@mypartnerisagamer.com.

You can also find this blog on Facebook and Twitter, so definitely follow along on those too, because I’d love that :)

-V <3


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  • this a nice view, my only problme is my boyfriend is gamer to the point his degree is in games design but I get motion sickness from even the most basic games help me lol I love him so it’s all fine I just want to show an interest in his hobbies :)

  • I can’t believe I’ve found a site like this. And I can’t believe how tolerant and amazing you are at putting all this into perspective. There’s been so many times I’ve been on the verge of breaking up with my man because I just hate gaming…THAT MUCH. But now…I’ll just think of you and everything you’ve been saying! You’re actually an inspiration!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Shelley – you’re too kind! I’m glad you can relate to my experiences. I used to be in the same position as you – all I needed was a bit of a fresh perspective :) Good luck to you and your man.

  • My boyfriend and I are both gamers! I’ve laughed so much, just started reading this and I read through the whole blog in under 2 hours! Please keep up the good work, I know there are girlfriends out there wanting to rip their hair out of their head because of their gamer boyfriends (;

  • ha, i love this blog. i have to say that at times i can play the angry girlfriend that you mention. please keep sharing and ill keep listening. i hope my boyf appreciates this!! <3

  • This is seriously cool. Thankyou for sharing such a fresh viewpoint, i must say that ive seen the haters a fair bit too. From a grateful PoG =)

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