Benefits of Gaming: The ultimate stress relief

(Image Source: TeeTurtle)

(Image Source: TeeTurtle)

When I come home after a crappy day, my idea of unwinding is to pick my favourite chilled acoustic playlist and have a nice long, hot bubble bath.

When he comes home after a crappy day, his idea of unwinding is to hammer out some rounds of LoL (indefinitely until he gets a few good wins under his hat).

Everyone has their own ways of coping and, Partners-of-Gamers out there, it’s likely that your partner is very much like my guy. To him, there’s nothing like the thrill of going all-in with his units attacking some enemy base to relieve him of the stresses of a big day. I know many gamers out there who are the same. Better they take their bad day out on the game than on you, right?

And just a little piece of advice (if you haven’t already learnt the hard way…) if your partner has in fact had a bad day and wants to just jump straight into a game without talking/hugging it out with you, just leave them to it. I can guarantee that they’ll appreciate you for giving the space and they’ll probably cheer up a lot quicker. Just keep yourself available if or when they do want to talk it through.

In the meantime, keep reminding yourself like I often do: their mind does NOT work like yours.

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