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  • Hi Vickivovo, My husband is a big gamer and I am obviously not a gamer but I need some advice. He told me yesterday that he makes an effort to go to the movies I like even though it’s not really his thing and then he continued that I don’t make an effort in playing a game with him. I was touched actually because he reminded me that he did bought a couple of games in the past that he thought I would like but I only played with him once and how he wished I would make an effort in doing things he likes. I was overwhelmed with what he said because I felt that I am doing so much already (I have two young children from a previous marriage) I work full time, I help my kids with their homework and projects, not to mention they are not doing that well in school, and may I add that when he gets home from work he usually goes straight to his game while I help my kids with their reading and school work…I don’t ask him for help because I think he thinks it’s not his place to help- I don’t bother him when he plays or give him the guilt trip because they’re my kids and if he wants to help he will voluntarily do it and not wait for me to ask…. But I was overwhelmed with his comment because now I feel like it’s another thing on my list to do on top of everything else!!! I mentioned to him that “I’m sorry…. I don’t mean to offend you or the game but playing a game on the play station makes me dizzy and often I feel like I’m wasting my time because I have a long list of things I need to do for my kids” and now I’m afraid I hurt his feelings after I said that to him yesterday. He’s probably hurt and I don’t know how else to explain to him that I’m hurt also and I wish I could clone myself so I could make everybody happy but the reality is I can’t… I simply can’t. I’m slowly getting over or accepting the reality that even though he’s my husband I have to accept that he will never help me in that department but now he’s telling me that I am not making an effort in our relationship…..I just feel this is not fair and I don’t know what to do

  • Hey there, you may have seen me around or heard my voice before. I play with your partner a lot.

    This is really cool. I’m not big on blogs or walls of text but I’ve read snippets and it makes me really happy for both you and your partner and the future of your relationship having seen this.

    • Of course I know who you are, Jadd! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment. That means a lot, especially as I’m often worried that I come across as the crazy girlfriend stopping my partner from playing with you guys :)

  • Hey, anyone have an idea for me??? My fiancé wants to incorporate video games into our wedding… how to I do nicely say no!??!

    • Maybe suggest something equally inappropriate, using one of your hobbies. Ki-dding.

      I’d suggest having a chilled chat with him about it and make sure he understands how much the decision means to you. Perhaps phrase it like “it would mean a lot to have *insert what you actually want* for our wedding” as opposed to “it would mean a lot not having video games”. And you could always try to compromise with a small touch of video games, e.g. funky video-game themed save-the-dates, themed wedding topper, etc. that still works for you.

      Best of luck working it out with him and all the best for the wedding :)

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