How to cook the food of video games

Have you ever been playing a video game and found yourself drooling over your character’s in-game food? Ever wondered what the food would taste like in real life?

Thankfully, there are talented people out there who can bring those dreams into a delicious reality. For instance, there’s Daniella Zelli with her brainchild, Gourmet Gaming.This website is amazing. Even if you have no intention of ever putting any effort into cooking, please go take a look just so you can acknowledge the effort and sheer talent that goes into these dishes. Zelli has built up an impressive collection of recipes complete with comparison pics comparing game food and the end product. Not only do the finished products look mouth-wateringly to die for, the attention to detail in getting the dishes to look just like the original is simply brilliant. This interview with Zelli gives some insight into the often lengthy experimentation processes that go into her recipes to perfect each dish. Respect.

Three of my faves: Cake from Minecraft, Key Lime Pie from The Sims and Spark Lemon Sundae from Kingdom Hearts
(Image Source: Gourmet Gaming)

If you’re more into video tutorials, you could also check out the Feast of Fiction series hosted by the entertaining and adorable Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams. They cover some yummy video game food such as the Portal cake or the sweetrolls from The Elder Scrolls, as well as some of our other favourite fictional creations, such as the Krabby Patties from Spongebob Squarepants!

Just a warning though – please don’t expect these dishes to give you the same energy boost that they give the characters in your video games. It just doesn’t work like that in real life, sorry. If you’re looking for a power-up, don’t expect anything more than a sugar high and possibly a little bit of gas. As Burnie Burns, of the lovely experimental folk at Immersion, remarked:

One of the things I’ve never understood about video games… is that when your character is either hurt or sick the only thing that seems to make them feel any better is food. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like food, but I’ve never really experienced the medicinal properties of a big plate of turkey first hand.

(They then go on to conduct an very scientific experiment to determine whether a massive feast can indeed increase our health in real life. Spoiler: It doesn’t)

Happy cooking :)

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