My Gamer, My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day guys! (Image Source: thatvideogameblog)

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! (Image Source: thatvideogameblog)

It’s that’s delightfully sickening day of the year again, where our Facebook feeds are taken over by braggy photos of flowers and cranky anti-Valentine’s rants.

Well, Valentine’s Day has just finished here in Australia and The Boy has gone off to bed after spoiling me with gifts, then spending a patient evening with me watching a chick flick. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to shed whatever soppy sentiments were left in me, in the form of a poem to My Valentine:

By dear sweet gamer, this ode to you,
Is my little way of saying thank you,

You make me smile after the crappiest days,
Like you do with your team mates who rage at each play,

You came and you found me at just the right time,
You’re like a long tetris block at the end of the line,

I’m always so lost when you’re not around,
Like I’m using a mini-map with unrevealed ground,

You help me with problems I can’t even see,
Like a vision ward placed strategically,

When I’m with you, I feel energised,
Like a mushroom for Mario’s tinier size,

You have turned me into a better me,
I’m like a geared up Paladin at Level 90,

I’m eager to see you at the end of each day,
You’re like a new game release that’s just hours away,

Whenever I’m with you, the rush that I feel,
It’s like I’ve ult-ed my way to a pentakill,

I’ll gladly follow wherever you go,
Like Pac-Man is tailed by Blinky and Co

But our love should need no analogy,
You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.


Happy Valentines Day, my sweet. Thanks for spoiling me today (and always) xxxx

Hope all you lovers out there have a great day. But don’t forget to be sweet to one another on all those other days of the year too!

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