The Six Stages of Dating a Gamer

Partners of Gamers, we’ve all seen it, we’ve all lived it. Some pass through the stages quicker than others, and sadly, some don’t make it through til the end.

FYI, I’m totally at Stage 6 :)

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Hi, I’m Vicki and my partner is a gamer. I help bridge the divide between gamers and non-gamers. If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me at

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  • Oh my god this is so accurate! My fiancé and I just had another talk about video games vs spending time together. I thought we were hanging out for the day and then his brother said he might buy the Beta Ark game (I call it Minecraft w/ Dinosaurs, its pretty cool looking) and immediately he’s setting up plans to help his brother get set up. Considering he’s my fiancé and he has kids that we have regularly, it has stressed me out how little time we have just the two of us now a days. Last nights convo left me in tears with how frustrated I felt. So you could say I’m at stage 4 currently, slowing getting to stage 5 when we agreed on him gaming with his brothers after I go to sleep at 7:30 (I work in morning news for a tv station). He can’t see why it bugs me bc he view him gaming the same as watching tv with me, just being more engaged. I do get fusterated bc there isn’t much of a difference but it feels different. Then he shows me how he makes all his avatars look like or are named after me and I have a geek moment of ‘aww’. Idk, anyone else had this happen?

  • Stage 6 is not acceptance, is denial, you are so in love with the guy that you end up thinking that his accomplishment with the game is actually something you like but is not. You still hate his gaming and his disinterest of the real world. He likes to be a winner in the game so much that is impossible to let go. Is an addiction. Unless the girl he is dating is a gamer, the addiction will always hurt.

    • While this may be true in many relationships, I believe I had genuinely grown to understand and accept my partner’s gaming – it may have taken a while, but I’m there! I enjoy learning about his games, just like I enjoy learning about the sports he enjoys or the music he listens to. While some of our interests don’t match, it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate them and accept them as a worthwhile interest. I think that there are definitely cases where non-gamer + gamer relationships can work :)

  • I was at number 6 from the beginning, as I also love games, even though I am not a hardcore gamer. As I am freelancer, while he plays, I work, and so I earn money while he is having fun XD This is a win-win!

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