While they game: Watch their weird faces

They don’t like to admit that they do it. They wish that it was something that they could control, but they can’t. Gamers will always, always make the most ridiculous facial expressions when playing video games.

Their expressions are many and varied, but always hilarious (Image Source: Mr Toledano)

The amusing photos above are part of a project by photographer Phillip Toledano. Toledano feels that a lot can be said about a gamer’s game face:

I wondered if there was a way to unconsciously tease out aspects of people’s personality, and capture it on film. So I had them play video games.

Although it would be really fun to observe gamers like this and try to determine just how much of one’s personality comes through in these weird facial expressions, in all honesty, I really watch my partner’s face because it’s just so funny.

I think the best performance comes from their mouths. Sometimes their tongue just pokes out a tiny bit, following the direction that their character is moving, just like the movements of a joystick. Every now and then you may see involuntary twitches of the lip, as though a puppeteer is controlling from above. If you’re really lucky, you might catch a little drool escaping in the excitement of it all.

Best supporting act must go to the eyes – they’re widened for the entirety of the game, darting with every movement. They’re nicely glazed over, unblinking, perfectly taking in the reflection of the the screen.

And the sneakier you are with your observations, the better the results. Just pretend you’re David Attenborough, trying to capture the gamer in their natural habitat. Watch from a distance, speak softly, blend in with the surroundings. The moment they know you’re watching, they’ll panic and all will be lost.

Pfft, and my partner thought his games were interesting… I could spend hours watching his ever-changing faces…

P.S. For more fun gamer expressions, check out this video from the Immersion project by photographer Robbie Cooper,which takes a closer look at children playing video games.

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